Wintry weather expected to continue

Snow has been spreading across Britain as an extended blast of wintry weather tightens its grip on the country.

Parts of south-west England are expecting their own snow showers after much of the eastern half of the country was blanketed by up to six inches on Thursday as the earliest widespread snowfall for 17 years disrupted the country.

The Midlands and London will not escape with snow set to fall on Friday and Saturday, with snow and icy conditions set to deteriorate early next week.

Britons have been warned the wintry spell could last for at least 10 days, as biting winds swoop in from the North Sea and night-time temperatures could plummet to minus 6C.

There has already been a raft of sub-zero temperatures across the UK, with the people of Carterhouse in the Scottish Borders wrapping up even more so than usual as the mercury plunged to minus 7.8C.

Meanwhile, Benson in Oxfordshire recorded temperatures of minus 7.6C, the people of Newcastle endured minus 4.3C temperatures, while Kew Gardens in London sunk to minus 3.8C and Cardiff saw the mercury fall to minus 3.2C.

Whereas millions of Britons will be cursing the wintry weather as it plays havoc with their travel plans, insurance companies will be rubbing their hands in glee as a rush on breakdown cover protection could occur because of the freezing temperatures.

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