Windy weather warnings for drivers

Windy weather warnings for drivers

Speeds of 45mph were clocked during the Great North Run in Newcastle at the weekend, but it was not the competitors who were the speed merchants.

Heavy wind caused many problems for the 55,000 runners, as blustery wet weather plagued much of the country, signalling a warning for drivers in what could prove trying conditions for the rest of the week.

Elsewhere wind speeds hit 60mph, with Western Scotland, North West England and Northern Ireland seeing the worst of the wind and rain.

Paul Mott, senior forecaster at MeteoGroup, said: "It's been stormy, with strong gale force westerly wind between 50 and 55mph over Scotland and Cumbria, and locally gusting up to 60mph."

Shap in Cumbria saw 28mm of rain fall between 6am and midday on Sunday, while there were 63mph winds recorded in Orlock Head in Northern Ireland.

Mr Mott said it is likely to remain cool and blustery for the next few days, with the wind dying down through the week leading to drier conditions, especially in the south.

Maximum temperatures over the weekend were between 13C (55.4F) and 16C (60.8) but southern parts of England will see slightly above average temperatures of 20C (68F).

There is still the chance for a return of the Indian summer conditions seen in 2011, when a temperature of 29.9C (85.8F) was recorded in Gravesend, Kent, Mr Mott added.

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