Windy weather demands special care

Windy weather demands special care

With autumn fast upon us, drivers are being urged to prepare themselves for windy weather to help them stay safe on the roads.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) warns that sharp bends can be particularly tricky to navigate when windy, and says drivers should slow down and watch out for large tree branches or other obstructions before taking a corner.

Motorists driving in strong winds should also keep a close eye on other vehicles, as gusts can potentially blow motorbikes or lorries across lanes.

Those driving on motorways are being advised to hold on firmly to the steering wheel, and to prepare for strong winds when they overtake a lorry or bus.

The IAM also warned that strong winds can hit drivers when they cross bridges or drive along roads lined with rows of trees or houses. Motorists should always keep a safe distance between themselves and other vehicles in case they get blown from side to side.

Cars should be parked away from trees as debris and branches can come down in strong winds. Motorists should also make sure they have fully applied the handbrake before leaving their car, as wind can make parked cars shudder.

IAM experts advise drivers to plan their trip carefully and avoid narrow lanes which could easily get blocked if a tree falls over.

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