Windscreens display new technology

Experts are developing new technology that can help transform the windshields of cars and aircraft into computer displays.

Glasgow University scientists are working on a Europe-wide project that also aims to create more effective smartphone screens.

The programme, which is aided by Fiat and glassmaker Saint-Gobin, will develop three-dimensional nanostructures on the surface of glass that can regulate the brightness and direction of light.

This nano-imprinting lithography technique could help develop the next generation of 'head-up displays' on windscreens - which emit their own light rather than using a projector - which provide information displays. There are many possibilities over the type of information which could be displayed, from weather reports toroute planners.

"The technology has never quite broken through in microchips because the number of defects is too high, but it's an ideal application for optical properties such as light displacement," said Dr Nikolaj Gadegaard of Glasgow University.

Dr Gadegaard added: "A lot of light doesn't want to come out of glass, so we need to create a structure that can pull light out as efficiently as possible."

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