Window warning as cold snap bites

Motorists are being warned to avoid repair bills by taking more care of their car as the freezing spell across the country looks set to continue.

New research shows that some motorists are unaware of the risks on their cars by using hot water, CD cases credit cards and shoes to remove the ice from their windscreens.

Duncan Wilkes, managing director of Nationwide Autocentre said using hot water successfully to de-ice cars is an "urban myth", as it could crack or even shatter the screen.

He added: "The drastic change in temperature as soon as the hot water touches the cold ice and glass could cause the windscreen to crack or shatter.

"The last thing motorists need to worry about is spending an extra £100 to have a windscreen replaced."

A Nationwide Autocentre survey showed that over 36% of drivers use hot water to de-ice their windscreens, with a further 27% admitting to using a credit card, 12% trying their luck with a CD case and 3% resorting to using a shoe.

Mr Wilkes also warned motorists not to use in-car electric windscreen heaters on full blast, as they can cause the same amount of damage as the hot water method of de-icing.

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