William and Rooney among car names

A new poll has revealed the popular nicknames chosen by UK motorists for their vehicles, including Prince William and Angelina.

Some Britons also choose to name their cars after celebrities such as Wayne Rooney and Lady Gaga.

The top five places in the list were held by Betty, Bertie, Bob, Percy and Susie.

Of the 3,000 motorists in the 17-45 age group who took part in the survey, 43% said they believe it is normal to have a nickname for a vehicle.

While some motorists show strong interest in naming their vehicles, they should not forget to take out a comprehensive car insurance policy.

Celebrities' names were given to vehicles by 24% of respondents, while those of cartoon characters were given by over a tenth, and footballers' names by 4%.

The poll also found that 3% of those polled chose a politician's name for their cars, while an equal proportion opted to give their co-worker's name to their vehicle.

Fifth Gear presenter Tiff Needell said: "I named my son's Ford Ka The Kpod but it has since become Karen. It's just something you have to do."

Jo Cooper, chief executive officer of NCP, said: "Our research highlights how creative us Brits are when it comes to naming our cars.

"Historically, sailors would always name their ships and pilots often named their planes, so it follows that many people name their cars too."

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