Who'd you think you are - Damon Hill?

A bemused car dealer could be forgiven for thinking that the man who nearly ran him over was not who he said he was - Formula 1 racing driver Michael Schumacher.

The ex-world champion had been driving a Fiat van that hit the end of a barrier outside Martin Kingham's Millfield Motors in Lydd, Kent.

It knocked him sprawling - and it was only after the police arrived that he began to get an inkling of the errant driver's identity.

Married father-of-one Mr Kingham said it was then that he vaguely recognised the German driving ace.

He said: "The copper said this chap is claiming to be Michael Schumacher, and I said, 'You know what, he doesn't half look like him'.

"Then the penny dropped. When I told my business partner who I'd been nearly run over by, he wouldn't believe me.

"Obviously being a car salesman we do like a wind-up, but the difference with this story is that it is actually 1. Michael's entourage turned up and he left."

Schumacher's agent, Sabine Kehme, said: "There was a collision, but nobody was injured. Michael co-operated with police. There is nothing else we wish to say."