White van man loses worst driver crown

Range Rover drivers have stolen white van drivers' crown as the worst motorists on the road, according to a poll of cyclists.

The 4x4 owners are the worst culprits for tailgating behaviour, the two-wheel brigade say in a poll by 50cycles.com.

Drivers of white vans came second in the poll, and were also singled out for their tailgating tendencies.

Third in the poll were BMW drivers, accused of being "smug" with a habit of weaving in and out of traffic. Elderly people were fourth, with cyclists saying they were "too slow" and lacked attention.

"All 4x4 drivers" were given fifth place due to their "road rage and reckless driving", while "red cars" came sixth, being criticised for "overtaking on corners".

Of the 2,000 cyclists surveyed, four out of five said they felt vulnerable when riding on the road, with 68% resorting to riding on the pavements to avoid bad drivers.

Scott Snaith, spokesman for 50cycles.com, said: "The startling figures in this poll should gradually improve as the roads become less crowded and motorists become more aware of all cyclists."

Lorry drivers came 10th in the poll for not using their mirrors.

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