White line absence worsens roads

The absence of white lines makes the most unsafe roads in the UK even more perilous to travel on, a road safety agency has warned.

According to theRoad Safety Markings Association (RSMA), 80% of the most dangerous highways suffer from mostly damaged line markings, with half of these lines failing to meet the minimum specifiable standards requirements.

TheRSMA based its findings on a survey of the most hazardous roads in the country identified by the Road Safety Foundation (RSF).

According to theRSMA, a five-mile section of the A6135 north of Sheffield, one of the most dangerous roads, had the worst line markings in the study, with three out of four markings absent or badly worn-out.

The association also said that seven of the roads previously among the RSF's list of worst pathways, had undergone special road marking improvements, which had resulted in the reduction of serious accidents by 74%.

George Lee, national director of theRSMA, said: "The evidence is stark: eight out of 10 of our most deadly roads have the most deadly markings, or in many cases, no markings at all.

"The Government is supportive of measures that can deliver substantial rates of return on spending where lives can be saved. Road Minister Mike Penning has given us his assured commitment to road safety."

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