White cars 'retain most value'

White cars 'retain most value'

New research from CAP suggests that while in the past white cars used to be hard for dealers to sell, they are now more likely to retain a high sell-on value than any other colour.

Dealers used to talk of '60 day white' - suggesting that white cars often stayed on their forecourts far longer than most - but now used white cars keep roughly 5% more of their value than the average used car.

CAP's findings come from analysing hundreds of thousands of used vehicles over the past five years and show that while white seems to have found a new popularity, greens and maroons now drop in value more than any other colour.

White's popularity can make a difference of several hundred pounds when re-selling after three years.

Commenting on the findings, Chris Crow, the chief editor at CAP, said when buying a new car motorists should "consider how it will look to prospective buyers when you come to sell it as a used car".

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