West London congestion zone axed

A decongestant that got right up the noses of West London motorists is to be scrapped by popular demand.

The western extension of the £8 London congestion-charge zone, including Kensington and Chelsea, has proved resoundingly unpopular among just about everyone.

Now Mayor Boris Johnson has said: "Londoners have spoken loud and clear, and the thing everybody should be assured of is my determination to make it easier for Londoners to get around our great city."

Transport for London (TfL) has said it will result in a small increase in emissions, but that this is unlikely to have any material effect on air quality.

New technology such as hybrid and hydrogen buses, low-carbon vehicles and fuels and reducing power consumption on the Underground have all helped to tackle emissions across the capital, it said.

The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry said: "We are delighted to see that common sense has prevailed. This is an important milestone for many of the capital's hard-pressed businesses and we urge the Mayor to launch a root-and-branch review of the original charging scheme in the central zone."

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