Website to advertise parking space

Park Let has launched a new online service that provides garage and driveway owners with a means of generating extra income by renting out their space.

Individuals or organisations will be able to let their driveway, garage or parking space without commission through the new daily-parking-space listings website. 

After searching for parking by location, venue or a particular building, users can get in touch with owners via email or telephone to secure the space with payment made under a deal.

Luke Kelly, managing director at Park Let, said: "Everyone's been to a concert, event, or needed to drive in to the centre of an unfamiliar city and not known where they can park. 

"Our new service is designed to meet that requirement – matching up any one or any organisation that has a car parking space that they don't use with motorists in need. Being able to pre-book a space and know that it's reserved for you takes away one of motorists' biggest headaches. 

"Just imagine going to the O2, Symphony Hall or Old Trafford and having all of your parking cost-effectively arranged in advance."

The service can be accessed through, a website that has over 20,000 spaces listed across the UK.

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