Weather worse before getting better

The weekend is expected to bring warmer weather to Britain, but not before the country suffers one more night of freezing conditions.

Temperatures as low as -8C (17.6F) will be seen in parts of southern England, continuing the sub-zero conditions that saw the mercury in Bournemouth plunge to -6C on Thursday night, with Luton, Bedfordshire, registering -4C.

The rest of the country also failed to escape the snap, as temperatures across the rest of the UK hovered at just below or around freezing.

And there were warnings of hazardous driving conditions due to patches of freezing mist across southern England.

Over the weekend, Scotland and Northern Ireland will experience much milder conditions following on from the wetter, windier and milder weather already seen in the region.

Claire Austin, a forecaster for MeteoGroup UK, the weather division of the Press Association, said warmer weather was on the way for the whole of Britain over the weekend.

She said: "It will still be cold across southern England and Wales. Rural parts in counties like Oxfordshire and Surrey will see the coldest temperatures, down to -7C or -8C. But it looks like it's going to be warmer from Saturday."

Daytime temperatures across the south will rise to 4C or 5C on Saturday, with double figures being reached in some parts on Sunday.

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