Warning over using cheap car tyres

Using cheap tyres from the Far East could seriously hinder the way cars perform on wet roads, a test has shown.

Car magazine Autocar tested five budget brands - the Linglong, GT Radial, Triangle, Nankang, and Wanli - against a premium Continental tyre.

Autocar senior tester Jamie Corstorphine was involved in the tests. He said: "We expected the bargain tyres in this test to fall short of the Continental, but we were not prepared for just how poorly some performed."

He continued: "Having seen how the five cut-price tyres in this test perform, we're in no doubt that quality pays dividends."

Braking from 50mph, the Continental stopped in the shortest distance, followed by the Nankang, GT Radial, Wanli, and Triangle, with the Linglongs taking the longest to stop. When using the Linglong tyres, the test car was still doing 27.8mph at the point where it had stopped on the Continentals.

One fifth of tyres sold in the UK are imported from Taiwan and China and although they pass tests for speed, there are no statutory tests for braking or aquaplaning - driving in wet conditions.

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