Warning over spate of car thefts

Following a series of thefts from cars in the Castle Road area of Bedford, drivers have been warned by Bedfordshire Police to check their car doors are left secure.

Even though they were adamant they had left their car locked a number of drivers have returned to their cars to find them insecure and with property missing.

Crime Reduction Officer PC Peter Spicer said: "Motorists should lock their car when they are close to it, look out for the hazard lights activating and listen for the distinctive sound of the locks applying. Take the time to try the door handle just to make sure and, of course, never leave anything tempting on view in the car."

If your car is broken into and you need to claim on yourcar insurance, it could force your premium up in subsequent years.

Motorists are urged to lock doors and ensure that windows and sunroofs are completely shut, police warned. Drivers should physically check that doors are locked, officers also suggested.

If a car has an alarm or other security devices, these should be used. Police strongly advise that bank cards, sat navs or mobile phones are never left in cars.

Motorists have been advised that just because valuables have been put in the boot, it does not necessarily mean they are safe, as thieves could have seen them being put away.

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