Warning over sex register loophole

The Government has been warned that convicted sex offenders are being allowed to work as driving instructors, two years after the issue was first raised.

The Liberal Democrats said that it had originally alerted the Department for Transport to a legal loophole which allowed driving instructors to continue to work after being convicted of sexual offences, yet legislation has still not been introduced to allow for the suspension of instructors.

Lib Dem MP Willie Rennie first raised the issue in Parliament after one of his constituents was sexually assaulted by her driving instructor. "The inability of the Driving Standards Agency to remove sexual offenders from their register leaves the public at risk," he said this week.

He said he was aware of at least two driving instructors who have been convicted of sexual assault and will not have been immediately suspended from the register. "When I raised the issue two years ago, the Government admitted there was a problem," Mr Rennie added.

"It is staggering that two years have passed and still no legislation has been introduced to allow for immediate suspension. This was urgent two years ago - I cannot believe it has not been dealt with."

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