Warning over road maintenance cuts

A committee of MPs has warned that motorists will end up spending more money on repairs in garages as cuts to the road maintenance budget begin to take effect.

The Public Accounts Committee said more money would be spent on fixing our vehicles in the event that essential repairs to our roads subside amid the spending cuts.

The members said that in the coming years the cuts will cost the average person on the street more.

With people already paying for road tax, car insurance cover and fuel, the warning over increased garage bills is likely to be met with scorn.

Margaret Hodge, the committee's chairman, said: "The department doesn't fully understand what impact its cuts to road maintenance will have on the state of the UK's roads.

"My committee is concerned that short-term budget cutting could prove counter-productive, costing more in the long term as a result of increased vehicle damage and the higher cost of repairing the more severe road damage."

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