Warning over male drivers' points

Warning over male drivers' points

The number of young male drivers with up to six penalty points on their license has risen to more than 30,000, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) warned as it called for improvements in new driver training.

Data released by the DVLA shows that there are currently 30,850 male drivers aged 17 to 20 who have up to six points on their license, compared with 9,758 young female drivers.

IAM chief executive Simon Best said: "Such high numbers committing a wide range of offences demonstrates the inability of our current system to deal with the attitudes and lack of experience which put new drivers at such high risk on the roads today.

"The government is currently working on a Green Paper for young drivers and this must better address the content and process of learning to drive so that our roads are safer for all road users."

The figures for male drivers are particularly worrying, with a total of 358 male motorists aged 17 having already racked up six points. There are currently no female drivers aged 17 who have four, five or six points.

While young drivers only account for around one in 12 full driving license holders in the UK and only drive about half the distance of older motorists, they were involved in one in five serious road collisions last year.

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