Warning over European petrol prices

British motorists heading off to Europe for their summer holidays are unlikely to find petrol any cheaper than in the UK, new figures from the RAC Foundation suggest.

While the average cost of petrol in British forecourts is 136p per litre, it is higher in eight of the eurozone nations.

The relative strength of the euro against the pound was cited by the RAC Foundation as a reason for the higher fuel prices in the region.

In Greece a litre of petrol costs as much as 155p, while in Holland the average price is 154p.

Holidaymakers taking their cars across the channel may have to fork out 147p a litre in France and Belgium, 145p in Portugal and Italy, 142p in Finland and 140p in Germany.

Among the most popular holiday getaways for Britons only Spain has cheaper petrol than the UK, at 123p a litre. However, diesel is as cheap as 108p a litre in Luxembourg, while it is 117p in Spain, 130p in France and 134p in Italy.

RAC Foundation director Professor Stephen Glaister said: "For all the reported problems in the eurozone, the currency remains relatively strong against sterling, and that means UK drivers who have petrol-powered cars will need deep pockets when they get off the ferry or out of the Channel Tunnel."

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