Warning over drink-drive attitude

Many motorists believe they have a reasonably good chance of getting away with drink driving, a new study suggests.

According to road safety charity Brake, more than half (53%) of people think their odds of getting caught when driving over the limit is less than one in four.

Around a third (31%) believe their chances of being held for drink driving are less than one in 10.

Brake warned that the current Government efforts to tackle the problem may not be enough.

Campaigns director Julie Townsend said: "The number of breath tests being carried out is wholly inadequate in providing an effective deterrent and tackling the appalling number of casualties that continue to result from drink-driving.

"As well as rejecting proposals for a lower drink-drive limit, the Government has rejected random breath testing, a policy that we know to be effective from international evidence."

She said the funding cuts to policing and promotional campaigns to help cut down drink-driving were also having a negative impact.

Ms Townsend added: "Brake supports people who have been bereaved or injured through road crashes, so we understand the devastating impact these decisions have on people's lives.

"The Government needs to urgently strengthen our position on drink-driving before more lives are lost."

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