Warning over Category B write-offs

Used car buyers have been warned against the safety of Category B insurance write-offs that are being repaired for use on the road.

Vehicle history checking specialist HPI issued the warning after it noticed a rise in the number of vehicles, which were previously recommended for scrapping by the Association of British Insurers, being repaired for their return to the road.

The firm said that although reusing a Category B insurance write-off is not illegal, there are concerns surrounding its safety.

Nicola Johnson, Consumer Services Manager at HPI, said: "The Government's Scrappage scheme gave the UK new car market a fantastic boost, but the continuing lack of good quality second hand cars for sale means unscrupulous sellers are using a variety of ways of conning used car buyers out of their money.

"Criminals have been capitalising on this shortage by disguising Category B write-offs as a good buy. An HPI Check will give a used car buyer the complete picture of a vehicle's history, including revealing if the car has been an insurance write off and if so, which category. This offers protection from paying good money for a vehicle that is not fit for purpose and a possible safety risk."

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