Warning over car key burglaries

Police are urging people in Doncaster to be extra careful about their car keys, following an increase in vehicle crime in the borough.

During the past few weeks, the area has seen a rise in the number of burglary cases, with criminals breaking into the house to steal car keys.

According to officers, thieves are most likely to target high-end cars. But because of the security system in such vehicles, offenders find it difficult to steal them without using the keys.

Detective Inspector Steve Whittaker, from the Performance Crime Team, said: "We have had an increase in two in one burglary offences, and on nearly each occasion high valued vehicles are being taken usually as a result of the car keys being taken from the kitchen side or keys left in the door.

"I am urging residents to treat their car keys as they would any other expensive item and not leave them lying around the house."

Police are calling on residents to avoid leaving their car keys unattended in the house.

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