Warning over April 29 road closures

Motorists taking to the roads on the day of the royal wedding might want to plan ahead as more than 5,500 street parties are expected to be held on April 29.

A survey report from the Local Government Association (LGA) found that nearly 5,500 road closure applications for royal wedding celebrations have been received across England and Wales.

Findings of the report reveal that London has the highest number of parties planned, with more than 800 applications, including one for Downing Street.

Richmond-upon-Thames in the capital has already got approval for 85 street events for the big day, LGA data has shown.

According to the survey report, councils are also aware of thousands of other street parties on cul-de-sacs, pavements or driveways which have not needed official permission, making the total number of celebrations much higher.

Using a rough measure of applications compared to populations to get an average, figures show London, Edinburgh and Cardiff all have higher than average numbers of street parties planned.

Outside the capitals it appears that, across the North, the number of parties is lower than in many cities in the South.

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