Warning about 'running engines'

Motorists have once again been warned about opportunist car theft, after a study showed that nearly half of drivers wander off while their car engines are still running.

Leaving the vehicle attended while it warms up could prove risky for motorists as insurers may refuse to payout if the vehicle is stolen as a result.

However, the study by swiftcover.com found that 47% of drivers said they often nip back indoors to get something while their car engine is warming up.

Every year thieves get away with nearly £12.7 million worth of vehicles because of this practice, the report added.

It highlighted that a considerable number of motorists are still ignorant of the fact that leaving the keys in the car could nullify any insurance claim

Robin Reames, claims director at swiftcover.com, said: "Leaving a car with keys in the ignition provides a perfect opportunity for thieves, and we as motorists are especially likely to do this at this time of year.

"People have an 'it won't happen to me' attitude and think that it's fine to quickly nip into the house. However in reality, it can and does happen anywhere in the UK."

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