Wardens root out car tax dodgers

A team of wardens have hit the streets of Stanley, County Durham as part of scouting exercise to weed out the town's car tax dodgers.

The initiative is part of a drive by neighbourhood wardens, the DVLA and the local police force to send a clear message to car tax dodgers who continue to flout the law.

It follows in the footsteps of a similar scheme which proved successful in targeting untaxed vehicles in neighbouring areas. The offending vehicles were either clamped or removed entirely by the wardens.

Warden co-ordinator Belinda Snow said: "In just one day we have clamped or removed 12 vehicles in Stanley and I hope that sends out a powerful message.

"If you don't pay your car tax and you leave your vehicle parked on streets in County Durham this is the sort of action we will take."

Town clerk Russell Morgan added: "From next April Stanley will have its own wardens and we, as a town council, are backing the scheme financially as well as verbally.

"We have set aside considerable funds because we believe they will make a real difference to our residents."

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