Warden lay-off sparks traffic chaos

The withdrawal of traffic wardens from a quiet seaside town has caused road rage and traffic chaos.

Since the old-style traffic wardens were laid off, there has been a lot of illegal parking in the peaceful town of Aberystwyth making some of the roads impassable.

At least one fist fight has broken out between angry motorists in the university town during the last week.

The town is replacing its traffic wardens employed by the police with the council's parking attendants.

However, authority chiefs think it could be a year before the council-paid parking attendants take charge.

Aberystwyth's business leaders have criticised the police as well as the Ceredigion County Council for causing the commotion.

Meanwhile, motorists are ignoring an official warning that they have a duty under the Highway Code to park sensibly.

Chris Mackenzie-Grieve, chairman of Aberystwyth Chamber of Commerce, said: "It's only a week since the wardens were laid off and Aberystwyth is in chaos, and things can only get worse."

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