Walker is skateboarding ace in show

Formula One commentator Murray Walker is making the switch to skateboarding in new episodes of children's animation Roary the Racing Car.

The veteran presenter will star in the TV show next week as an animated skateboarding champion doing a range of nifty stunts.

He said: "Who would have thought that at 87, I could perform a routine including a body jar, tailslide, double backflip and a caballerial - it's extraordinary!"

The show is to be aired on Monday, September 13, at 7.30am on Five's Milkshake children's slot, and at 2pm on Nick Jr.

Walker is already a regular on the show as Mr Murray who commentates on the races at Silver Hatch, the home of Roary.

He is joined by veteran racing driver Sir Stirling Moss as the narrator and Peter Kay as the voice of Big Chris the mechanic.

Walker was the voice of Formula One for many years on the BBC and then on ITV, and became popular for his on-air gaffes - affectionately known as "Murrayisms".

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