Wales 'ready for bitter winter'

Record levels of salt supplies are being stockpiled to prepare for the upcoming winter, the Welsh Government said.

Carl Sargeant, the local government minister, stated that after the last two bad winters, the country is bracing itself to face the new big freeze.

Mr Sargeant said: "Over the last two winters Wales has experienced severe winter weather, with the combination of extremely low temperatures and widespread snowfall causing disruption to services across the country.

Given the relative unpredictability of the winter weather, planning in Wales has been based on a reasonable worst case scenario."

With the help of social networks such as Twitter and various applications via smartphones, essential information will be uploaded online so that the data is easily accessible.

Other initiatives include a special campaign to make older people aware about the necessary precautions they need to take to keep themselves warm when temperatures fall.

Reserves will be available in North, Mid and South Wales, and for the M4.

As a precautionary measure during the heavy snowfall, it is advisable that owners possessing cars keep theirbreakdown cover in place in case of an untoward situation.

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