Wagon reaches million-mile landmark

A well-maintained Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series wagon has notched up more than one million kilometres on the road using the same, original engine.

The model had already gone 132,000km when it was bought by Colin Muddle, from Brisbane, Australia, in 2000, before it was converted to gas after doing a further 100,000km in 2006.

Since the vehicle came into his hands, Mr Muddle has driven his LandCruiser almost everywhere. Most days, he collects and delivers caravans from Melbourne with his trusty vehicle.

Mr Muddle, who thinks that regular maintenance to the already reliable vehicle has ensured its longevity. Subsequently, he only has to worry about whether he has adequate car insurance cover to pay for repairs if he is ever involved in an unforeseeable accident.

He said: "It's running like a baby - it just purrs along. I've never had to do a lot of work on the LandCruiser - the only work has been superficial stuff. The gearbox, diff and transfer case - I've never had a fault. I change the oil and filter every 10,000 kilometres and rotate the tyres every 20,000 kilometres."

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