VW hails new battery chemistry

VW hails new battery chemistry

New battery chemistry being tested by Volkswagen can give "three to four times the power" from a given capacity.

The result would be as much as 80kWh from a similar volume occupied by the Golf Blue-e-motion's current 26.5kWh battery pack.

Dr Heinz-Jakob Neusser, VW board member responsible for development, has not named the new battery chemistry but has announced it is a lithium-air unit. These can deliver massive amounts of power, but are still in the early stages of development.

Dr Neusser told the Geneva Motor Show that VW has used its cell supplier Sanyo to test lithium-ion batteries with 24-28kWh and up to 37kWh.

He added that an 80kWh unit is being developed using VW's technology and this would give three to four times the battery power in a given package.

Dr Neusser said most customers would settle for 124 miles (or 200km) of electric range for a second car, but the main car for a family would require a battery giving a bigger range.

He said his company's fuel cell research changed to a water/hydrogen cell proton exchange membrane cell instead of its former choice of phosphoric acid high temperature cell studies.

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