Voters reject congestion charge

The public has delivered a resounding "No" to plans for Britain's biggest road charging zone.

The Greater Manchester scheme was rejected in all ten boroughs involved in the referendum, in which more than 1,033,000 people voted, a turnout of 53.2%.

The plans needed a majority in favour in at least seven local authority districts to get the go-ahead.

A massive publicity campaign was waged by both Yes and No groups on both sides of the debate.

The Yes campaign said the region has a unique chance to get billions invested in local transport, while the No campaign labelled the plans as an unfair poll tax on drivers that will cost the region jobs.

Ten local councils combined to make a bid to the Government's Transport Innovation Fund (TIF) to pay for investment in trains, trams and buses, including grants of £1.5 billion from the TIF.

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