VOSA checkpoints 'in wrong place'

Some of the vehicle inspection agency's roadside checkpoints are in the wrong place, a Government spending watchdog has said.

The report from the National Audit Office (NAO) further added that the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency's (VOSA) ability to spot dangerous commercial vehicles coming in to the UK was limited by a restricted access to ship manifests and other papers held by the Government.

However, the watchdog praised VOSA for increasing the number of dangerous commercial vehicles it removed from the roads last year .

A total of 7,600 more vehicles were removed in 2008/09, compared with 28,900 the previous year.

The NAO blames changes in the road network for why some of VOSA's checkpoints were no longer at essential locations.

NAO head Amyas Morse said: "VOSA needs to focus its resources on those activities and areas where it can have most impact.

"It needs to help to educate commercial drivers and properly identify those vehicles which pose the greatest danger. It also needs to work with other organisations, at home and abroad."

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