Volvo unveils new plug-in hybrid

Volvo has given hints that it will increase its range of plug-in hybrid vehicles, after unveiling the XC60 Plug-In Hybrid Concept at the Detroit Auto Show.

This new model comes alongside the V60, which was announced recently.

The auto manufacturer claims that the new XC60 performs like a six-cylinder car but has a four cylinder engine, and that its fuel economy is far better than that of a traditional SUV.

Control of the hybrid system is in the hands of the driver, and a maximum of 28 miles can be covered using pure electrical power. Using all available modes, it is capable of 53g/km of CO2 for emissions, translating to well in excess of 100mpg.

A turbocharged four-cylinder engine is used by the XC60 - an engine which is the frontrunner in a new series of Volvo's power plants.

Making its debut is an infotainment system which can connect to the internet, and an application for mobile phones which will allow continuous communication with the vehicle.

Volvo expects it will take two years for the XC60 to be produced, which gives enough time for more developments and economies of scale to reduce the price.

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