Volvo launches winter tyre service

Swedish car maker Volvo has launched a winter tyre service, in a bid to help motorists cope with treacherous road conditions caused by the cold weather.

Under the scheme, drivers will be allowed to take winter tyres - that are specially developed to perform well in slippery conditions - in exchange for their normal road versions.

Equipped with soft silica technology, winter tyres include a higher proportion of rubber to stay more flexible and have improved grip in lower temperatures.

These specially designed tyres also sport a wider groove tread pattern to boost traction in the wet, snow and ice.

Motorists can either store their summer wheels and tyres at home or with Volvo, by paying extra money.

This can be arranged with the local dealership, while customers can also opt for taking help from the company's 'Tyre Hotel', where the 'spare' wheels and tyres are stored and the appropriate versions are fitted every six months, for a twice yearly charge of £85 inc VAT.

The alloy wheel and tyre packages are offered with either Pirelli or Continental rubber.

Pirelli tyre packages start from £949 plus VAT and Continental packages from £999 plus VAT.

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