Volvo introduces new smartphone app

Volvo car users will now be able to control and monitor their vehicles from anywhere at anytime with their smartphones.

The Swedish car maker has introduced a new mobile application that allows the customers to operate their parked cars through an iPhone or Android smartphone.

Based on its original Volvo On Call technology, that focused on direct access to a call centre in the event of an accident or an emergency, the application has been improved to offer more connectivity options.

It has features such as a car locator, remote door lock, digital compass and more to help the owner locate the car.

The car locator feature can also activate horns and indicators to help in the search.

A theft notification system on the mobile application alerts the driver if the car alarm is triggered.

Owners of all new Volvo models, from the year 2012, with Volvo On Call can download the app via the iPhone and Android application stores for free.

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