Volkswagen unveils electric car duo

Volkswagen unveils electric car duo

Volkswagen claims its first electric cars will halve the cost of motoring compared to even the most efficiently-driven petrol-powered counterpart.

The German manufacturer has announced its entry into the electric car market with two production-ready models, the e-Golf and the e-Up.

It says the e-Up sets an efficiency benchmark with 62 miles costing potentially less than £2.60. This is half what the same mileage would cost in a very efficiently-driven petrol-powered Up - and the same mileage in the e-Golf will cost around 10% more.

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The new electric duo use similar drivetrains. VW has designed them both from scratch, producing them entirely in-house. The e-Golf's 113bhp (85kW) electric motor should provide a range of 118 miles, while the Up's system generates 81bhp (60kW) and a 100-mile range.

Prices and launch dates will be confirmed around the time of this month's Frankfurt Motor Show.

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