Virtual court to try drink-drivers

A police force has come up with a new way to ensure those arrested on suspicion of drink-driving face the consequences immediately - a virtual court to try them.

The plan introduced by Kent Police connects North Kent police station with Medway Magistrates' Court by video link.

Four people have already been held under the scheme, which was unveiled early in the month.

Those arrested on drink-driving charge will be brought before the virtual court, which will hand out a sentence on the case within hours of the arrest.

This means those found guilty could have their licence confiscated through disqualification on the same day.

Under normal circumstances, those held on a drink-driving charge are bailed for 15 days until they are brought before a local magistrates' court. They can continue to drive during the bail period.

Other areas could also benefit from the scheme, which is currently implemented only in the north of Kent.

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