Vintage car stash found in barns

A hoard of vintage cars has been found in a barnyard at a house near Norwich after the death of a collector.

The collection of 20 motors, some more than 80 years old, includes a 1930 Morris Minor, Riley Monacos, a Riley Lynx, a Willys Overland, a Lea Francis, two Swifts, Singers and an Austin 7.

Auctioneer Keys expects that the cars will fetch tens of thousands of pounds when they go on sale next month.

A spokesman for Keys, which is based in Aylsham, Norfolk, said that the treasure trove in the barn was stumbled across by auctioneer Guy Snelling when he was exploring the property following the death of elderly owner James Blanch, who was a retired wheelwright.

Mr Snelling said: "When we got there, it was so overgrown, we couldn't even get on to the driveway from the road. But once we battled our way in, there were barns and outbuildings absolutely crammed with 1920s and 30s cars.

"You simply couldn't move inside the barns. There were amazing amounts of cobwebs and dust - and cats had clearly been living there."

A 1920s Singer Junior was found with a tree growing between the front chassis legs and around the starter handle.

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