Vintage car haul sells for £26,500

Auctioneers have successfully sold 20 vintage cars found rusting in barns owned by a collector for a total of £26,500.

Collector James Blanch died in December and the cars - some more than 80 years old - were discovered when auctioneer Guy Snelling went to explore his property near Norwich.

Auctioneers Keys said the vehicles included a 1930 Morris Minor, Riley Monacos, a 1936 Riley Lynx, a Willys Overland, a Lea Francis, two Swifts, Singers and an Austin 7.

The highest price fetched at the sale in Aylsham, Norfolk, was £8,000 for the Riley Lynx.

Describing the day he found the cars, Mr Snelling said: "When we got there, it was so overgrown, we couldn't even get on to the driveway from the road. But once we battled our way in, there were barns and outbuildings absolutely crammed with 1920s and 30s cars.

"We found a 1920s Singer Junior under a corrugated tin shed wedged in between two trees. Once we prised back the tin roof, we found that one tree had grown between the front chassis legs and another had actually gown around the starter handle. It must have been sitting there for more than 30 years."

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