Villagers buy their own snowplough

Villagers in Cornwall who were cut off by snow have now raised £2,650 to buy their own snowplough and mechanical salt spreader.

The villages in Badgall and Laneast, near Launceston, raised the funds through Project Gorilla - Gritting Our Roads in Laneast's Local Area.

They were helped with a £500 grant thanks to support from councillor Adam Paynter.

The appeal saw the purchase of four tonnes of salt thanks to many volunteers clearing snow and spreading salt, donating, and fundraising.

With snow a likelihood some time during winter months, the acquisitions will ease the worries of any villagers who have to travel.

Those travelling in snowy weather need to make sure of a number of safeguards, one of the most reassuring being breakdown cover.

Everyone involved was delighted to get the snowplough and salt spreader delivered before any serious snowfall, said Pete Stephenson, co-ordinator of the Badgall and Laneast Action Group (Blag).

Members of Blag launched the project with the aim of reopening roads as soon as possible after heavy snowfalls, said Mr Stephenson.

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