Video prompts censorship call

Video sharing website YouTube has been urged to censor material before it is posted after a clip showed a teenage girl staggering about on a motorway among speeding traffic.

The 16-second clip showed the girl - who appears drunk - causing a convertible to pull onto the hard shoulder of the M4 at Port Talbot before she jumps towards a lorry, almost colliding with it.

The video, entitled "Port Talbot Candy Best On The Motorway", was removed from the site after it was brought to the company's attention, according to the Western Mail newspaper.

Port Talbot councillor Andrew Tutton said: "Obviously this is very dangerous, not just for the children involved but to motorists as it could cause an horrific multi-car pile up.

"It's youngsters looking for their 15 minutes of fame who don't realise the damage they are causing themselves or that they are putting the public at risk as well.

"I don't understand why it's not censored before if goes on the website. There will always be a small minority who think it's clever and try it themselves."

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