Video gamers 'more likely to crash'

Video gamers 'more likely to crash'

People who play computer games are more likely to crash in their first year of real-life driving, according to a new study.

They are also more likely to pass their test first time - with a 73% success rate compared to 58% across all test applicants - but there is a significant difference in accident risk, the research suggests.

It found that around a quarter (27%) of new drivers have a crash within 12 months of getting their licence compared to around three-quarters (77%) of gamers.

The suggestion is that gamers believe their virtual experience behind the wheel increases their confidence for the real thing but that could spill over into a blasŽ approach.

Men are said to be five times more likely to use computer driving games than women, with the latter preferring to do lots of preparation and real world practice before their test.

"The figure for new driver accidents for gamers is worryingly high, suggesting over-confidence can lead to mistakes," said Charlotte Fielding of Privilege, which conducted the study.

"Managing a car and being a responsible driver is not a game and accidents in the real world can have serious consequences."

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