Vehicles banned from shopping Mecca

Traffic is being banned from London's main shopping streets this Saturday so that consumers can enjoy a traffic-free Christmas shopping experience.

This year is the fourth year running that vehicles will be banned from Oxford Street and Regent Street, to mark the annual Very Important Pedestrian Day.

The charity Living Streets wants to see a traffic-free West End all year round after a survey carried out at last year's event showed that 92% of people felt the traffic-free environment was more pleasant for pedestrians.

Living Streets, which works to create safe, attractive streets around the UK, also found that 70% of people would spend more time in the West End and 67% of people would make the effort to visit more often if the streets were closed to traffic.

The charity believes that the move could boost levels of shopping in London.

Although 40 bus routes service the West End, only 7% of visitors use buses to move around and 68% of those who responded to the survey felt that all traffic should be permanently removed from Oxford Street.

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