Vehicle speed-limiters called for

A move to automatically slow cars down to the speed limit of whichever road they are driving along has been recommended to the Government by two advisory groups.

The BBC has reported that the measure is being recommended by the Commission for Integrated Transport and the Motorists' Forum. The bodies claim that accidents with injuries would be cut by 29% if a voluntary scheme received national support.

Councils will be helped to prepare digital maps showing the speed limit for every road. Satellite GPS-linked systems will then check a vehicle's location and match its speed to the prevailing limit. In trials, drivers are said to have liked the system.

The Commission for Integrated Transport and the Motorists' Forum, which both advise the government, are calling on ministers to promote a wide introduction of the system.

However, the move is likely to be seen as being an unnecessary reaction, with the importance of speed in causing accidents called into question.

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