Vehicle snow fines 'are urban myth'

Rumours being spread on the internet that drivers are being fined for having snow on their vehicles have been dismissed as 0 by police in the North East.

Statements were issued by both Durham and Northumbria police forces to counter the lies, although they did say drivers should try to remove as much snow as possible from their vehicles before setting out on a journey, in case their view becomes obscured by snow falling onto the windscreen.

Other checks would also be sensible to avoid having to make abreakdown cover call out.

A spokesman for Northumbria Police said: "As at any time of the year, in the interests of road safety, drivers are required to have a clear view through their windows when driving and officers may speak to drivers if this is not the case.

"However information appearing on Facebook and being received by people via text message that we are specifically targeting drivers for having snow on their car is just not the case. It would appear to be just another urban myth."

Durham Police inspector Ed Turner said: "People should clear their cars completely before setting off and make sure their vision is not obstructed but we have no intention of issuing fixed-penalty notices to drivers who have snow on their vehicle roofs."

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