Vehicle smoking ban 'needs thought'

Prime Minister David Cameron has said there needs to be serious consideration before a ban on adults smoking in cars with children present is introduced.

The issue was raised at Prime Minister's Questions by Labour MP Alex Cunningham (Stockton North), who wants to push through a Bill criminalising it and he believes most of the public would also support the ban.

Cameron, a former smoker himself, acknowledged that the ban on smoking in pubs has worked, but highlighted how influencing what people do in their own vehicles is a different matter altogether.

He said: "I am much more nervous about going into what people do inside a vehicle.

"I will look carefully at what you say, but we have to have a serious think before we take that step."

Motorists themselves would probably be divided on the safety side issue as smoking at the wheel could either be seen as an additional danger, potentially leading to higher car insurance premiums, or no different to doing something such as drinking a bottle of water while driving.

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