Vegetable oil powers car rally

Eight teams of UK drivers have completed a rally from London to the British embassy in Athens in a series of cars powered by waste vegetable oil.

The group successfully completed the "Grease to Greece" rally covering more than 2,000 miles by powering their vehicles on oil scavenged from restaurants and burger bars along their route.

Organisers said, pizza parlours in Italy, schnitzel houses in Germany and a nightclub in Croatia had all been happy to donate their spare waste oil to be converted into car fuel using portable biodiesel processors.

The rally's organiser, Andy Pag, 34, from London, last year drove to Timbuktu in a lorry powered by fuel made from waste chocolate, and said the trip had been "fantastic".

He said: "There's been a few tricky moments but on the whole it's been easier than we thought.

"In Italy we pulled into a motorway service station and drove straight past the petrol pumps to the canteen where we filled up with 100 litres for free."

The organisers are now planning a circumnavigation of the Earth in cars, boats and even aircraft powered by waste products.

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