Vauxhall warranty ad 'not banned'

Vauxhall has denied media reports that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) had banned the motor company's Lifetime Warranty advertisements.

A spokesperson for the British car manufacturer said the television, print and web campaign continues to run, although it now includes some amendments requested by the ASA.

The spokesperson said: "Contrary to a number of media reports, the Vauxhall Lifetime Warranty advertising campaign has not been banned."

"The ASA requested that a small number of amendments to the advertising creative should be made to clarify the terms and conditions.

"In line with this ruling, the Vauxhall Lifetime Warranty Advertising creative was amended in line with ASA recommendations prior to Christmas and this very successful campaign continues to run on all media platforms."

Consumers had earlier complained that the claims made by the Lifetime Warranty ad were misleading as the cover is non-transferable to subsequent owners and is applicable only up to 100,000 miles.

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