Vauxhall unveils new model Mokka

Car manufacturer Vauxhall has unveiled its latest series of hatchback motors, called the Mokka.

The car is in the style of a small SUV and was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show this week.

Owners have the option of choosing whether to drive in a front-wheel or all-wheel mode - which could potentially be more cost-effective in the long term for drivers.

Other high specification features of the Mokka include directional xenon headlamps which have the ability to control the beam itself, a rack to accommodate bicycles and a built-in lane departure warning system which could help drivers to reduce the risk of accidents while travelling, helping to keep car insurance premiums to a minimum.

Vauxhall has also incorporated its own traffic sign recognition display within the car, which uses stop-start technology. It also contains an automatic gearbox on some of its models.

The Mokka is expected to go on sale in the later stages of 2012 but does not currently have a guide price.

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