Vauxhall makes supercharged V8 car

Vauxhall makes supercharged V8 car

One of the most powerful road cars that can be bought in the UK has been produced by Vauxhall.

The supercharged VXR8 GTS drives into the showroom early next year for what is said to be a bargain price of £54,999 - the least expensive car model to exceed 500bhp.

Its LSA V8 engine is capable of 576bhp and gives 545lb ft of torque, while being able to hit 60mph in 4.2 seconds, according to Vauxhall.

Newly developed Brake-Torque Vectoring sees the brakes applied to the inside of the wheel and torque transferred to the outside, to minimise understeer when the vehicle moves at high speed.

Vauxhall says the new model also features Magnetic Ride Control and has an array of boosted software and hardware which affords the driver better control and a more "pliant ride quality".

The car will be unveiled on January 9-12 at thePerformance Car Show and Autosport International in Birmingham.

Spokesman Stuart Harris said: "The GTS was developed by people who have a wealth of experience in motorsport, so putting it in front of thousands of car racing enthusiasts is a no-brainer for Vauxhall."

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